Belleview Development Site, Former Industrial Site – Detroit River

Job Site Services (JSS) was engaged as the general contractor to complete site remediation of contamination from previous site operations, including manufactured gas plant (MGP) operations, iron works, oil storage, ammonia plant, and many other industrial uses, dating back to the 1800’s. Close coordination was required between JSS, the project engineer, and the property owners throughout the project.

The project required demolition of buildings, installation of two coffer dams and construction of a 750 foot long, 120 feet deep sheet-pile sea-wall, which was designed for use in future site redevelopment. Crews excavated, transported, and disposed of, at an approved facility, 700,000 tons of MGP impacted soils, concrete, and debris. Excavated and stabilized approximately 30,000 tons of soil in three coal tar holder areas and operated multiple odor suppression systems and hand operated spray systems.

To meet water discharge requirements, staff installed equipment to treat waste water onsite. The water treatment system pumped 500 gallons per minute and treated and discharged over 60 million gallons of waste water.`JSS operated several pumps to dewater the coffer dam and excavations 24 hours a day.

Field personnel backfilled and compacted up to 700,000 tons of clay material to complete the 18 acre site restoration.

JSS established safety controls which included a water truck for dust control, odor suppression, air monitoring for personnel, an exclusion zone and conducted onsite safety personnel meetings. JSS also staffed two health and safety officers onsite when performing excavation and coal tar operations, and worked over 120,000 man-hours without a MIOSHA recordable incident.