Michael VanHook – Division Manager, Industrial Services

Mr. VanHook joined the JSS team and will manage our Allegan West Michigan location. Mr. VanHook has over 37 years of experience providing turnkey maintenance services and program management such as waste transportation and spill response for hundreds of clients, including several Fortune 500 companies. His area of expertise includes containment, removal, waste management, transportation, disposal, and restoration of sites.

Representative Project Experience:

  • Pigging (cleaning) of a 7-mile, 6-inch crude oil line 30 inches underground
  • Cleaned an entire steel mill coke battery and prepared for demolition and rebuild
  • Cleaned 160 presses at an automotive facility to remove PCB oils
  • Emergency response around the clock for 45 days with vacuum equipment and operators to an 800,000-gallon crude oil spill on the Kalamazoo River.

Please feel free to contact Mike at mvanhook@jssmi.com

Stephen Young, CPG – Senior Project Manager

Mr. Young joined the JSS team and will be based in our Cedar Springs West Michigan location. Mr. Young has 30 years of diversified experience in the environmental regulatory, consulting and contracting industries. Mr. Young has expertise in remedial design, regulatory review, project management and implementation of a wide range of environmental investigations including feasibility studies, remediation projects, hydrogeological studies, and State and municipal infrastructure projects. Other relevant experience includes groundwater modeling, environmental due diligence, expert witness, hazardous waste characterization, and multimedia sampling. As a member of the U.S Geological Survey Regional Aquifer System Analysis Program, he conducted research on fresh water bearing aquifers in the State of Michigan.

Please feel free to contact Steve at syoung@jssmi.com

Dale Read – Senior Project Manager

Mr. Read joined the JSS team and will be based in our Bay City, Michigan location. Mr. Read has 42 years of industry specific experience beginning as a field laborer and advancing to Manager. As a field laborer, maintenance manager, proposal estimator, project manager, and branch manager, Mr. Read’s experience has encompassed many aspects of industrial environmental service and has managed hundred of projects from small to multi million-dollar MGP site cleanups. Dale’s portfolio of service includes clients such as Consumers Energy, the State of Michigan, Spartan Chemical, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Great Lakes Steel and BASF Chemical Company.

Please feel free to contact Dale at dread@jssmi.com

Charles Sumrack – Senior Project Manager

Mr. Sumrack joined the JSS team and will be based in our Bay City, Michigan location steering the remediation rental fleet and carbon group. Mr. Sumrack has over 30 years of diverse experience within the metal finishing, industrial ventilation and environmental remediation industry. He specializes in system design and build from component interface to turnkey systems and has successfully managed numerous large-scale remediation projects and emergency response spill incidents. Mr. Sumrack has expertise in performing emergency response, remediation treatment system assessments, demolition, portable and fixed pump and treat system response, carbon/media installation and change out services, turnkey remediation system build/installation and remedial excavations management. with the incorporation of a modular plug and play concept for both short and long-term site services which results in a much faster mobilization, set-up and operational system response.

Please feel free to contact Chuck at csumrack@jssmi.com

Kevin Sampson – Project Manager

Mr. Sampson joined the JSS team and will be based in our Allegan, West Michigan location. Mr. Sampson has 26 years of experience in industrial cleaning, waste transportation, spill response and site remediation. He manages projects and coordinates spill responses. Mr. Sampson is an experienced project manager, coordinator, and heavy equipment operator. He has managed hundreds of projects, most notably a Fordland horizontal drilling control system installation, Enbridge Kalamazoo crude oil spill site remediation and installation of SVE systems for Consumers Energy.

Please feel free to contact Kevin at ksampson@jssmi.com