LPH Recovery System

Job Site Services, Inc. (JSS) contracted with an environmental consultant to construct a liquid phase hydrocarbon (LPH) recovery system. JSS provided general contracting and construction of the system which was installed to remediate a 1964 pipeline break which released up to 2 million gallons of petroleum into the environment. Free product floated on groundwater 60 feet below grade and the plume was migrating towards a local creek and several drinking water wells. JSS coordinated the multi-discipline project and specialized tradesmen. Eighteen free product recovery wells were installed by others.

To prepare the site, crews installed SESC and completed clearing and grubbing. New concrete was constructed for the remediation building, the perimeter spread footing; foundation, containment curb; and exterior equipment pad. Additionally, a gravel pad with four leach basins and perimeter ditch around the remediation building was fabricated.

The 2,800 square foot pre-engineered steel treatment system building housed the system components. The building was partitioned into a treatment room classified as Class I Division II, and non-classified air compressor room, electrical room, and a bathroom. The system was comprised of three 18-leg manifolds for compressed air, free product return, and SVE for future expansion. Other components included a 3,000 gallon AST for free product, a 3,000 gallon oil/water separator, a 7.5 HP air compressor, transfer pumps, and interconnecting piping.

Field personnel installed process treatment equipment and precision interior piping manifold with associated electrical and mechanical work. Staff plumbed all exterior underground piping to the remediation building. Approximately 28,000 feet of 2 inch SDR17 HDPE for use as conveyance piping for compressed air supply and free product return tubing for QED free product pumps; and approximately 840 feet of 4 inch SDR11 HDPE piping for clean water discharge was installed underground from the well heads/discharge point to the remediation building.

Miscellaneous selective demolition, fencing and gate upgrades, surveying, and site restoration and seeding was completed. Under separate contract, JSS constructed an access road, installed system electrical and controls, a water well, and septic field.

Project activities were completed safely with no lost time accidents, incidents, or recordable events.