Cooling Water Ditch Sediment Stabilization, Relocation, and Landfill Cap Construction

Job Site Services, (JSS) was contracted for sediment removal and stabilization at an active facility. The work was completed with no disruption to an active manufacturing facility’s operations on the shoreline of Lake Huron. JSS provided general contracting and field construction which was designed to prevent contaminated cooling water from entering Lake Huron.

To prepare the site, field personnel installed silt fence and turbidity curtain per MDEQ permit requirements; performed clearing and grubbing; stripped and stockpiled topsoil; constructed and maintained site access roads; and constructed, operated and maintained a temporary water treatment system and 15 MGD pump bypass system.

Construction included the installation of temporary and permanent sheet pile structures to isolate ditch segments and structuring 3,000 linear feet of new drainage ditches. Crews stabilized 28,500 cubic yards of impacted sediments with 900 tons of Portland cement and 3,500 tons of cement kiln dust. Stabilized sediments were relocated to abandoned ditch segments, constructed per landfill requirements, and caped with clay. Site restoration consisted of 12 acres of topsoil, hydro-seeding, and erosion control mat placement.