Job Site Services, Inc. (JSS) is a full service environmental contracting firm with over 20 years of experience. Our Treatment System Division specializes in a wide range of services for temporary and on-going projects. We provide safe, professional, cost effective solutions to assist our clients with a wide range of standard and specific needs.


Activated carbon is made from various base materials which, depending on the specific contamination (petroleum, metals, PFAS), provide greater absorption capacity. Material and other filtration media JSS provides include:

  • Bituminous coal
  • Coconut shells
  • Lignite
  • Zeolite
  • Wood and bone char
  • ION exchanger resin
  • Sand
  • Bag / cartridge filters

Our turnkey carbon media change out services include trained technicians, equipment and procedures for the safe and effective removal, replacement, and disposal of treatment media. This allows JSS to address various safety issues and eliminates the possibility of spillage and damage. All JSS crews are HAZWOPER trained and certified through our extensive and comprehensive safety programs. We have the resources that enable us to work with project needs ranging from 55-pound carbon canisters to 20,000-pound slurry tanker changeouts.


  • Sampling and characterization of the spent media
  • New / replacement carbon or treatment media
  • Dust free carbon change-outs
  • Visual inspection of the filtration vessels
  • Disposal / reactivation of spent carbon (Non-Hazardous & Hazardous)
  • Liquid & vapor phase vessel rental and purchase
  • Bag filter housing & sand filter rental or purchase
  • Mobile treatment system trailer rentals (up to 20,000-lb carbon vessels)