Job Site Services is a diversified contractor providing field operations support, environmental construction, drilling, and site remediation services to customers across the oil & gas industry. Our experience, safety & training and qualifications strengthen our unique position to serve the Oil & Gas industry. We have an Operator Qualification (OQ) program and are registered with ISNetworld, Veriforce®, Avetta, PEC Safety, Browz, Gold Shovel, and more. JSS has the experience and resources to support the environmental related aspects of any oil and gas facility or project.

Our services include:
  • Turnkey design / build secondary containment systems
  • Pump and compressor station tanks and piping systems
  • Mobile water treatment / hydrostatic test / dewatering support
  • River crossing services (realignment, bank stabilization, SESC)
  • Emergency response support
  • Earth moving and site development
  • Access road and pad construction
  • Drilling and probing
  • Construction inspection / management
  • Health and safety support
  • Environmental construction and remediation
  • Vapor management and mitigation

Please contact us to discuss specific needs or learn more about our oil and gas services.